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About Us

How it all started

Wondering why there was never anything that shared the stories and pictures of the outdoor life in Hawai'i and the people that lived it. Hawai'i Hunters was then born with the intent to be the most informational and supportive outdoor and hunting brand out there! We highlight the hunters of Hawai'i, the local way of hunting and share them with the world.  Showing the talent and different ways to hunt the islands of Hawai'i. Hawai'i Hunters is also the only full service bow shop on the island of Maui. Providing a full bow tuning service, along with all of the necessary accessories and archery targets you will ever need.



Mauka  inland, upland, towards the mountain. 

Most people don't know that Hawai'i offers a wide range of hunt able mammals and birds. You can find free ranged animals like the Axis deer, wild boar, feral sheep, feral goats, Mouflon sheep and black tail deer. Hawai'i also has lots of birds ranging from Ring-necked pheasant, Chukar partridge, wild turkey and many types of Dove, Quail and Franklins. Not all mammals are found on every island. Each island provides a different range of mammals to be hunted and harvested.



Makai  Ocean.

Hawai'i is well known for it's sport fishing, but little is known of how big onshore fishing is. Fishing in Hawai'i has been a longtime practice for the local islanders. The locals provide for their families by free diving, on shore fishing and off shore fishing. With onshore fishing being very popular among the locals you can find tournaments and competitions ranging from who can catch the biggest fish to who can harvest the most (invasive species) fish.